Women Empowerment


Nehru Group of Institution is pledged to Mould true citizens, and all students of the campus are treated equally without gender barriers. We encourage our students to recognize gender inequalities and grow without stereotypes or prejudices so as to create a more equitable society. This basic strategy of equality, in a cross-curricular way, from different domains and activities of the college, is our first step to combat inequality.

  • Our programs are devised by including mixed teams.
  • Active Monitoring is made at all levels by Faculty advisors in this regard.
  • Faculty members have dedicated themselves to be rolemodels in this ideology.
  • In classrooms, we create an environment of equality and respect in the classroom by making boys and girls share responsibilities and work together to complete tasks or solve problems.
  • Guest lecturers are invited who can speak about their career and experience to set an example for students, through which students will learn on responsibilities, commitments, skills and efforts achieved by women and will develop reasoned ideas of their role in society.
  • Workshops on gender equality are organized which could help children adopt an equalitarian attitude through awareness, role-plays and experience sharing.

Annual gender sensitization action plan


Safety and security

  • We strictly follow the Safety norms and the campus is well organized with Security features.
  • The officials from a leading security agency are given the charge of maintaining college security norms, so that the aspects are done in professional mode.
  • Each building block including Canteens and Hostels are well lit, so that security officials are able to clearly watch the surroundings to execute all the norms.
  • The welfare officer engages himself in ensuring the security aspects of the campus.
  • Principal and HODs takes rounds within the campus in specific intervals, focusing the safety norms and anti-ragging policy execution, especially girl students.
  • Faculty members during non-academic hours, take charge in monitoring the roads and the corridors.
  • Sick rooms are well organized to provide basic first aid. The Nehru group has a Medical College PK Das Institute of Medical Sciences, which provides quick and responsible medical aid whenever necessary.
  • Fire Safety Units bearing high standards are installed.
  • Ambulance facilities are easily provided in case of emergency
  • Woman Cell is pledged to execute The Gender Equality Plan which formally defines the activities for 2years based on Woman Leadership and Empowerment aspects.
  • The Students Grievance Cell and Student Welfare Committee are well responsible in executing all Safety and Security norms, as per the demands and feedback from the students.


  • A strong mentoring system is practiced where each student gets a personal attention from a faculty member.
  • Each department has enough number of Lady Members in faculty team, facilitating all-round support for girl students, even in personal aspects and counseling.
  • The i-campus software is well equipped to provide updated attendance report to parent’s mobile devices, providing them peace of mind, as well as establishes strong discipline among the students.
  • The green-card system and Semester wise rejoining day are some perfect platforms for Student, Parent and faculty to sit together and discuss about curricular, discipline and psychological problems.
  • Our dedicated placement unit (NCPIR) holds the torch in providing all sorts of professional and psychometric training for the students, not just for soft skills rather focusing on total personality development and personal counseling.
  • The college organizes separate counseling sessions for Faculty, Students, Girl-students and staff, in various levels.
  • Professionally trained counselors handle in-depth sessions focusing on general aspects, and initiate intense personal sessions for individual students who require particular attention.

Common Rooms

  • The canteen equips a two long common halls for the students and faculty members to dine.
  • A beautiful yoga hall is set in the Kapila block for the students to practice yoga sessions
  • A common hall is provided in the Aryabhatta block for the students

Day care center for young children

  • College facilitates a Kids Centre, where small children of Staff members may be entertained during the working hours. Toys and play units are provided in the centre.

Our college has strong link with the nearby Anganavati (pre-school) and tries to support them for various programs. The kids of our staff are admitted in these centers also. Our college assures all sort of personal care for the kids of our staff