M.Tech. Cyber Security


Today the cyber world has come to occupy an important place in the history of mankind. As science advances, the knowledge also expands. So as where there is an invention and development of any kind in the society, there is a room for the misuse, though the range and ambit of misuse may differ depending on the nature of invention or development. The cyber field is not and exception. It is an undeniable fact that cyber world has thrown a new vista but regretfully it has to be noted that it has also being misused and spreading undesirable information. It has become necessary to find out ways and means to curb this menace of spreading evil knowledge which spoils out national heritage and social values of our citizens.

Today the urgent need for meticulous security analysis, assessment and action is nearing the critical juncture. Our country’s Vulnerability to Cybercrime is escalating as our economy and critical infrastructure become increasingly reliant on interdependent computer networks and the Internet, Large Scale computer attacks on our critical infrastructure and economy can have potentially devastating results. Our Nation is working on a robust cyber security structure that addresses threat management and mitigation, assurance and certification, capacity building and research. To this end, we are taking up the task of introducing an M.Tech Program in Cyber Security which will be an emerging Hub for the state of the art Information Technology Services. This will be a consummate platform for Cyber Threat Analysis, Operations and Enforcement of deployment practices in the information world