Water Conservation And Green Campus Initiatives

Water conservation facilities

  • Rain water harvesting :- The campus equips two quarries which are effectively utilized for holding rain water. Our landscape is so designed to catch the rain water to be streamed into these reservoirs.
  • Borewell /Open well recharge :- The college has 3 Borewell recharge units and 1 Open well recharge, all well maintained and fully functional. These recharges we believe brings down the water scarcity issues in the campus.
  • Construction of tanks and bunds :- Apart from the TWO mentioned in, a large quarry is being maintained by our college to avail water for plantation and gardening. Moreover being socially committed, our college allows the local-people also to use the water, for their needs.
  • Waste water recycling :- The hostel waste water is further recycled for irrigation purposes.
  • Maintenance of water bodies and distribution system in the campus :- The college stays committed in maintaining all sort of water bodies. No constructions were done to disturb the water bodies or to disrupt the water flow. The NGI management and NCERC team considers it as our prime priority, to conserve the natural values.

Go Green initiatives

  • Restricted entry of automobiles :- Our college has some very strict norms for campus entry. The lifting barriers are fixed in all main roads of the campus, which would remain closed during working hours and would be opened only for emergencies. The unwanted wandering of automobiles are so controlled in an effective way.
  • Use of Bicycles/Battery powered vehicles :- Cycles are available to be used within the campus limits, though the campus terrain has some steep climbing, which is not very feasible for cycling.
  • Pedestrian-friendly pathways :- The pathways are well marked with solid white lines. Humps and Zebra cross lines are marked for ease of pedestrians
  • Ban on the use of Plastics :- The college has some strong policies executing against usage of plastic. Plastic-usage restrictions, Plastic-free zones, Campaigns against Plastic etc.. are actively upheld.
  • Landscaping with trees and plants :- The college is situated in the banks of River Nila, and is noted for its lush greenery and natural beauty. The green initiatives are always given high priority whenever construction projects are executed. Moreover, the natural flora and fauna are always preserved, so as to maintain the attractiveness of landscape.