Solid waste management

The college has a fully-purposeful Sewage Treatment Plant installed in the campus, which is used to suck the wastages from the hostel, to remove contaminants and produce treated wastewater (or treated effluent) that is safe enough for release into the environment. The semi-solid by-product is also well treated so as to be used as the manure for college plantation area.

Liquid waste management

Our College manages an ETP Plant to effectively filter the liquid wastage. The Unit is installed near to the Canteen block and efficiently functions in treating waste water before it is released to the earth. The plant is well maintained and fully utilized.

E-waste management

Being an engineering college, we remain responsible about managing the damaged electronic-parts. Any sort of non-recyclable wastes are collected from the respective departments/lab/office and are stored in a safe place with proper concrete flooring. The e-waste is further collected by external agencies. The scrap agencies generally are called twice in a year, or in special cases they take the e-waste at the earliest.

Waste recycling system

The STP and ETP units are so established to be capable of effectively retaining the environmental balance, and the college stays pledged not to harm the nature by mean of any such wastes. The treated water from the plants are used for gardening and plantations, while the semi-solid waste is used as a manure for rubber-plantations in the campus.

Our college doesn’t offer courses on Bio-Medical/Chemical Engineering, hence currently there’s no scope for Hazardous chemicals waste management & Biomedical waste management, but would stay agile in implementing them when and where is required & necessary.