Campus environmental promotion activities

  • Our Students were actively involved in Plastic free Campus activities and marked success in achieving the goal.
  • The Students were provided masks, gloves and other cleaning tools, guided by faculty members in periodical maintenance of this Plastic-free campaign.
  • The Campaign was then further taken to public regions, involving taxi-drivers, Resident Associations and Merchants of Pampady to clean Bust Stop areas.
  • After the Kerala floods, our students were actively participating in retaining the cleanliness of Narayanamangalam area of River Bharathapuzha, as requested by Govt. Local Bodies.

Quality audits

Audits on environment and energy regularly undertaken by the Institution

  • Green audit
  • Energy audit
  • Environment audit

Green Campus- Clean Campus Awards

  • Lyceum Residents Group honored the Plastic free activities of NCERC students
  • Thiruvilwamala GramaPanchayath honoured the students and faculty members involved for cleaning of River Bharathapuzha.
  • As per Kerala govt instructions, the certificates of recognition were then submitted to KTU for grace marks for social welfare.