Solar energy

  • To minimize the cost of energy and settle for a sustainable alternative, our college has initiated some Solar Powered street lights. The panels are well placed so that the sufficient energy is generated to be used for whole night.
  • Proposals are submitted towards the management, to put the terrace area to good use for solar energy conservation. The proposed model, is planned not just to get use of generated solar power for our operations, but also get the credit for the excess power to be send back to some power grid.

Biogas plant

  • Our mini-Biogas unit is able to feed biodegradable waste such as canteen food waste and the plant generates enough biogas to burn in a single burner stove.

Sensor-based energy conservation

  • Dark areas of Verandahs are lit using Automatic Human Sensor Switches, which avoids unwanted usage of electricity.

Use of LED bulbs/ power efficient equipment

  • The college uses a maximum of LED bulbs and tubes for all its lighting needs. This is quite visible in all recent renovation projects.
  • Workshops/Demonstration on LED usage and maintenance was organized in association with Athmaja LED Co.