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BY NCERC ON March 09, 2024Congratulations, NAJMUL HUDHA P A , for winning Dr. Ruchi Sharma Memorial Blood Donation

Congratulations, NAJMUL HUDHA P A , S6 CSE for being the winner of Dr. Ruchi Sharma Memorial Blood Donation ( KEBS Youth Icon State ) Award 2024 . As a Rudhirasena Blood Cell NSS Unit 209 Student Coordinator , she has actively supported blood donation campaigns. During her tenure as both a junior and senior volunteer, she has voluntarily participated in five blood donation camps, demonstrating her dedication to this cause. Organized by All Kerala Blood Donors Association, this award is presented on the 21st anniversary of KEBS Rudhira 2024 program for womens who have done excellent work in the field of voluntary blood donation or donate blood more often. The student is felicitated with cash award and certificate.

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