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BY NCERC ON February 27, 2024Sanjeevanam 3.O-Jeevana 5.O: Blood Donation Camp Organized

'Sanjeevanam 3.O-Jeevana 5.O': Blood Donation Camp Organized. "A single drop of your blood could be a drop of life for someone" As part of APJAKTU NSS Rudhirasena's TCR-PKD Regional Blood Donation Campaign ' Sanjeevanam 3.O ', in collaboration with 'Jeevana 5.0' Phase 1 and phase 2 was successfully completed with 86 blood donations. The students and faculties from Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre actively contributed to the blood donation camp aimed at encouraging youth to donate blood. Volunteers played a vital role in coordinating and managing different aspects of the event, such as registration, providing refreshments, and ensuring post-donation care for the donors.# NSS UNIT 209

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