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The short film COVID 19 by Vinith V, NSS volunteer of unit 209 of NCERC, significantly depicts the crucial situation due to corona virus. The film spread the light of awareness and safety measures that should be undertaken in the present situation against this epidemic. Some NSS volunteers along with other students and natives took a great effort to reach out the film during the lock down days within the instructions and constrains put forward by the government. The cheruppulassery police officers were very supportive and gave the guidelines to complete the film successfully. The film was created by a hope of spreading a deep sense of awareness and precautions about the disease COVID-19. Behind the tremendous effort to create an enormous impact among the public, there was the support of NSS volunteers, other fellow students, govt. Officers etc. It took two days of great effort to complete the film. First day (27th March 2020) includes video shooting session. Within one day whole shooting was completed within the premises. The second day (29thMarch2020) includes dubbing and editing work which took several hours and great effort of the fellow ones. With the help of each and every individual who stood in front and behind the camera the short film was completed successfully.

Please go through the PDF,

COVID 19.pdf
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